Things To Do In Pattaya

5 Amazing Things To Do In Pattaya (2019) | Pattaya Night Life

5 Amazing Things To Do In Pattaya | Pattaya Night Life

Things To Do In Pattaya

Things To Do In Pattaya

Things to do in Pattaya – India, for the first time, the first choice of those who go to the International Tour is usually Thailand, why it is so, we do not even know the exact reason behind this, but perhaps this is Thailand very close, here nightlife is very attractive, eat here (Thai Cuisine) or Thai Culture, shopping is great or it can be the cheapest.

5 Amazing Things To Do In Pattaya

1. Walking Street in Pattaya

Pattaya Walking Street

Things to do in Pattaya – Pattaya is famous as the city of entertainment, it is not very big, all its attractions are just around the beach, just as there is Beach Road, where on one side you have all the hotels and on the other side The beach will be found, the second road I will find shopping, the name of a street between all these is walking street.

Life in this street starts only after 6 p.m. ., and the street remains shining until morning. You will find different bars of different ways, restaurants, shows, shows, disco. Everybody tries to seduce tourists in unequivocally ways, like if there is a pool table, then in a restaurant you will find a show of live kickboxing. This street is not allowed to come in any vehicle.


2. Coral Island Tour

Things to do in Pattaya – After this breakfast, I go to you after breakfast. Your guide sits on a speed boat and go to Coral Island, this is a white sand island surrounded by coral, where you have water and all the facilities in the middle (water -sports related activities).

Your Speed Boat will stop by speed boat going to this island; 2 places to give you an opportunity to do Underaea Walk or Para Sailing. Pattaya I get your return until lunch.


3. NongNooch village

Nong Nooch Village Thailand

NongNooch is undoubtedly considered the largest and most beautiful botanical garden in Southeast Asia, along with it is world famous, for a very influential elephant show and Thai Cultural Show. . Here you can go either in the morning or afternoon, most importantly when taking care of the Elephant Show or the Thai Cultural Show. This is a half-day tour.


4. Alcazar Show

Alcazar Show Pattaya

It is said that the start of the roam of Pattaya starts with this show, on seeing the queue of buses filled with tourists, you will find that you are going to watch a very good show. It is said about this that hardly any such tourist comes to Pattaya who will go back without seeing this show. Alcazar Show is a demonstration of dance, music, drama, costumes that will spell you up. About 1 hour of this show, I am making you happy with many aspects of Thai culture.


5. Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Things to do in Pattaya – Your trip to Pattaya is incomplete without Thai Massage or Thai Massage is famous for its healing power all over the world. This India is influenced by China’s traditional medical systems, as well as yoga. It is not necessary that you have all your body massage, in half an hour, you can experience the foot massage, head massage or back massage.


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