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6 Best Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh | Madhya Pradesh Tourism 2019

Best Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India and Madhya Pradesh is located in the middle of India. Its area is approximately 120000 square kilometers. The history of this state, geographical location, natural beauty, cultural heritage and people here make it one of the best tourist destinations of India. Its capital is Bhopal, which is famous as the city of lakes. Traveling to Madhya Pradesh caters to those who come here with India’s natural splendor, rich artistic and cultural heritage.

Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is in the central region of India and it is like having a dream come true for travel lovers. There are many magnificent wildlife sanctuaries in which there are rare species and the most commonly found flora and fauna in the Indian peninsula. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, the Khajuraho temple is also a delightful city and many historical cities. A wide range of handicrafts made by tribals gives a new experience in shopping in Madhya Pradesh.

Ujjain City, the capital of Gupta, touched the glorious peak at its time and its fame spread all over the world. There was a rule of many communities in this area who left many fortresses, temples, and palaces throughout the state of Madhya Pradesh as a sign of their pride and wealth. As you roam Madhya Pradesh, you are lost in its archaeological glory. You will love the passion and bravery of the skilled craftsmen on the stones.


How To Reach Madhya Pradesh

Via Air – In Madhya Pradesh 5 airport but Bhopal Airport is the biggest airport in Madhya Pradesh, many of domestic and international flight daily provide to another airport.

Via Railway – In Madhya Pradesh many of Railway station, you can come to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and anywhere in India.


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6 Best Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

1. Bhopal

Bhopal - Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh | State Capital This city is full of archaeological property. In the 11th century, Parmar Raja Bhoj had settled in Bhojpal Nagar. The disfigured form of Bhojpal was later called Bhopal. Old castles and mosques and crowded markets are worth a visit. This place reminds you of the world’s biggest industrial tragedy.

2. Ujjain

Ujjain - Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh

This city is also mentioned in Upanishads and Puranas. It has existed since ancient times. In ancient times, Ujjain was the capital of the Avanti state (Mahajanapada). In the time of Akbar, Ujjain was a district of Malwa province (Diu). In this period Ujjain was one of the major cities of India. In the 18th century, this town was ruled by the first Marathas, followed by rulers of Holkar dynasty. Subsequently, in 1818 AD the city came under the East India Company. The company made it the district headquarters Ujjain also has the headquarters of the commission.


3. Shivpuri

Shivpuri - Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh | Located 112 km from Gwalior, Shivpuri used to be the capital city of the Sindhiya dynasty. The dense jungle here used to be the hunter-gatherer of the Mughal rulers. Here are the marble umbrellas of Sindhiya Raj and the Gorge Castle, Madhav Vilas Palace. Tigers have been hunted on a large scale due to the presence of the rulers. Now the forest property has been preserved and given the shape of Madhav National Park.


4. Bhimbetka

Bhimbetka - Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Bhimbetka stone shelter is an archeological site and a place representing Stone Age and ancient life in the Indian subcontinent, and this was the beginning of the Southern Asiatic Stone Age. It is located inRaisen district of Madhya Pradesh state of India, and near Ratpelhi Wildlife Sanctuary near the town of Abduljung. Some of the shelters set up here have been inhabited by Homo erectus 100,000 years ago. Some artifacts found in Bhimbetka are about 30,000 years old. The cave here also gives us an example of ancient dance art. In 2003 these caves were declared World Heritage Site.

5. Birla Temple

Birla Temple - Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh
Birla Temple

Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh | Birla Temple is another glimpse of Bhopal tourism, which was built keeping in mind that it is known as the cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh. This museum has many types of art and art materials that provide tourists with information about the state’s history.

This is the only such museum in Bhopal and it is also the main tourist destination of the state. In this museum, several elements of Bhopal’s primitive period and medieval period have been displayed. History lovers are excited to see the Paleolithic periods and many instruments of the New Stone Age.


6. Bhojtal

Bhojtal - Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Bhojtal, which is also known as Big Lake, is a big pond. Bhopal is present on the western side of Madhya Pradesh. This is the only drinking water source for Bhopalites. About 40% of the population uses 30 million gallons of water per day. The big pond small ponds together make banquets wetlands. Which is now known as Ramsar Site.

There are several statues in this museum which are between 7th and 13th century. Coins and manuscripts before the 2nd century have also been kept here for the exhibition. In addition, this museum has a magnificent wonderful model, Bhimbetka Rock Shelter.

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