Mumbai Tourism

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai with Friends & Family

Best Places to Visit in Mumbai with Friends

Mumbai  Tourism

There are many tourist places in Mumbai where tourists are always crowded. In most parts of Mumbai City, you will not be able to escape from the crowd. But if you want to take a break and wander to a good place in Mumbai then you can roam around these important places in Mumbai. These magnificent tourist attractions in Mumbai attract most travelers. Although it is a commonplace for people living in Mumbai, but for the newcomers, the best places to visit Mumbai.


How to Reach Mumbai

Via Air: In Mumbai has own airport so you can take flight any country or any state of India

Via Railway: Mumbai CST railway station is counted in the Indian Railway’s largest railway station. So you can come to Mumbai from any city and state of India


Where is Staying in Mumbai

Mumbai is a very festive city, millions of visitors come to Mumbai every year. Here you will find all kinds of living facilities, from here 1-star to 7-star hotels will be available. Book your Hotels in Mumbai in Cheapest Price through


Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai

1. Marine drive in Mumbai

Marine Drive Mumbai

Places to Visit in Mumbai | There are only a few places in Mumbai where the magnificent coastline of Mumbai is visible, such a view also appears from Marine Drive. Located only 500 meters from Churchgate station, this beach is the southernmost part of the sea in Mumbai. Its coastline is made like an arch that looks half the sphere of the street line. Local people call it the Queen’s necklace. All kinds of people come to this place regularly. Here people who go to the joggers, couples, office, who want to spend some time on the seashore come all the way. You can sit on solid ground here from where you will see shaking waves from the shore.


2. Haji Ali in Mumbai

Haji Ali Dargah Mumbai

Places to Visit in Mumbai | Haji Ali is the famous Dargah and Mosque of Mumbai, it is located 500 meters away from the Worli coast of South Mumbai. The biggest attraction here is Qawwali where singers sing religious songs. This Dargah was constructed in 1431 in memory of the wealthy Muslim businessman Sayyid Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. Who had left all his wealth before the pilgrimage of Macca. People from all religions living in Mumbai have faith in Haji Ali Dargah and they keep coming here regularly. According to Islam, Friday is considered the holy day. On this day there is a huge crowd at the dargah.


3. Gate OF India in Mumbai

Gate Of India

It is called the entrance of our country, it identifies the city as a separate identity, it was created in the year 1924 in the British Raj. The purpose of its construction was to honor the arrival of the British King George V and Queen Mary, who was one of the main port cities in the country, which is why it was named as the gate of India, and it is today One of the most famous sights for the world’s people.


4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station

CST Railway station

Places to Visit in Mumbai | Every city has some icon, the icon of Mumbai is CST Station located in the south of the Mumbai port, first, it was called the Victoria Terminus. Its current name was named in the name of Maharaja of Maharashtra, Shivaji, in 1996. This is the gateway to the city (the last station for most trains coming from outside) This railway station in Gothic style is mostly shown in Bollywood movies. The stands of food stalls and magazines are spread over 18 platforms.


5. Mumbai Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai

Mumbai Chowpatty Beach

This small beach cannot be a place for anyone to read books but in the meantime, a good time can be spent by eating food or drinking soft drinks. This beach is popular for Bhelpuri, Sevpuri and Local Ice Candy known as ‘Gola’. Mumbai Chowpatty is a small beach that is popular for tourists and local people. If you like the noise of the waves coming back and then the waves going back then this place is for you. Any tourist should be included in this list at the time of his visit to Mumbai.


6. Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Mumbai


If you love birds, then Karnala Bird Century is just 50 kilometers away from Mumbai. Here you will see 222 species of birds. It also includes transit birds. Apart from this, you will be surprised to know that there are 114 species of butterflies.


7. Lavasa in Mumbai


Places to Visit in Mumbai | Lavasa distance from Mumbai is 186 kilometers. A beautiful place situated between eight large mountains. Apart from this, sitting on the banks of the lake will give you a different feeling of comfort. Looking at this city you will feel that there is a tremendous combination of beauty and infrastructure.


8. Manori Island in Mumbai

Manori Island

Located at a distance of 36 kilometers from Mumbai, Manori Island is a favorite destination of Weekend Traveling. Regions here, roads and culture are completely like Goa. So, going here means to be a mini-Goa trip. Apart from this, there are also excellent resorts like a Spanish villa, one of the favorite places of picnics. Here you will find Cincinnati food besides Indo Chinese dishes.


9. Matheran in Mumbai


This place is 80 kilometers from Mumbai. It is considered to be a very handy place for a weekend trip and a picnic. Explain that the fogs spread in the valleys here, the clouds floating in the air and the cool weather will make you crazy here. Apart from this, it is very pleasant to see the view of the train coming from the middle of the greenery on the hills. Sunrise and Sunset are seen here by Panorama Point.


10. Sinhagad Fort in Mumbai

Sinhagad Fort

It is said about Sinhagad Fort that it was built two thousand years ago. This idea is taken after seeing the carvings of Kondiyeshwar temple located here. Mother Kali’s temple here has a different significance. There is also a statue of Hanuman Ji beside that temple. Apart from this, you will find many more treasures in history.


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