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Top 8 Best Tourist Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Best Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh – Himachal Pradesh is the preferred destination for tourists in India for tourists. This state is settled in the peace of the foothills of the Himalayas. In the geographically east of Himachal Pradesh, Tibet is surrounded by Punjab in the west and Jammu and Kashmir in the north. Popularly known as the land of goddesses or goddesses, this state is a paradise for tourists coming here. There is plenty of greenery, snow-covered peaks, snowy glaciers, charming lakes to attract the mind of any tourist.

Himachal Pradesh is a state located in the north of India, which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year due to its beautiful, nature and tranquil atmosphere. Himalaya, the world’s largest and highest mountain range, passes through Himachal Pradesh. This state with beautiful and attractive hill stations is the state’s top tourist destination.

Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh

In Himachal Pradesh, the winters are extremely intense and do not get much heat in the summer season. The best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is spring, which is from February to April.

How To Reach Himachal Pradesh

Via Air –Himachal Pradesh has three airports in the state, including Bhullar near Kullu and Manali, Gaggal airport near Dharamsala and Jubarhatti near Shimla.

Via Railway –Also in all the major cities are railway stations. Shimla, Palampur and Jammu railway stations are quite popular and they come from all parts of the country.

Via Road –State road network is very developed and it is connected to all the major cities of North India.

Things to Do in Himachal Pradesh

The principal 12 districts of the state have always attracted the attention of tourists around the world due to their attractive sites like seeing, religious sites, fishing, mountaineering, foot gliding, trekking, river rafting, golf, paragliding, skiing.

Best Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

1. Shimla


Tourist Places In Himachal Pradesh | As it is the capital city, tourism is the most famous place in the country. Shimla has been a popular hill station since the British era. Many old buildings are reminiscent of the magnificent British architecture and the old flavors of today’s modern city. This city has its fullest empire 12 km. The wide-ranging style is spread over the summit. Nature has filled its love and has rained on it as a natural beauty here. Read more…

2. Dharamsala


Dharamsala’s height is between 1,250 meters (4,400 feet) and 2,000 meters (6,460 feet). It is known for its natural beauty, where high trees of pine, tea plantations, and timber growing trees appear here with height, peace, and purity. Since the year 1960, since the Dalai Lama made its temporary headquarters here, the international fame of Dharamsala has increased in the form of small Lhasa of India.

3. Manali


Tourist Places In Himachal Pradesh | Manali is also the famous hill station of India, along with being the famous tourist destination of the Kullu Valley situated in “Himachal Pradesh” state. Manali is situated near the tip of the valley on the national highway leading to Leh, only 40 km away from Kullu in the north. This is a favorite place for those who climb on Lahul, Spiti, BarahBhangal (Kangra) and Janskar mountain range. From the temples to the unique things, the panoramic views and thrilling activities from here make Manali popular among all weather and all types of travelers.

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4. Kullu


This is one of the most spectacular valleys of the Himalayas. This charming Kullu valley extends on both sides of the river Beas. The Kullu valley is not only huge but also has a width of two kilometers and its length is about eight kilometers. The population of Kullu at the height of one thousand one hundred thirty meters is 381571.

5. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass

“Tourist Places In Himachal Pradesh” | Rohtang Pass is located on Kelong Highway at a distance of 150 km from Manali and a thousand one hundred and eleven meters high. By coming here, you will feel that the vast Himalayan mountain range spreading over the world is welcoming you.

6. Kufri


The sky, snow-covered peaks, the deep valleys and fountains of fresh water, and all of it in Kufri, which lasted for an infinite distance. This hill station is located in the southern part of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 2510 meters above sea level near Shimla. In Kufri, many games are organized in the winter season, such as skating and tobogganing with climbing boards. Sports Carnaval is organized every year in the cold season and it is a big attraction for tourists who come here only to see them. This place is also known for trekking and hill climbing which is the ideal place for thriller sports lovers.

7. Dal Lake

Dal Lake

Dal Lake, 11 km away from Dharamshala and 1775 meters above sea level, is a major tourist destination. Surrounded by a forest of green pine trees, this lake is located between the McLiongunj and Naddi village. This lake also works as a base camp for the trekkers that come here. Here, the annual fair is organized every year in the month of September in the lakeside, which is a major tourist attraction. About this lake, it is also believed that if any person takes a bath in this lake, then all his sorrows will be redressed and at the same time he will receive the blessings of Lord Shiva. Also, a temple near this lake is a very good place to visit, it is said that this temple is dedicated to a sage Durvasa.

8. Dalhousie


Tourist Places In Himachal Pradesh | Dalhousie, in western Himachal Pradesh, is filled with the things of the old world and here the scope of the monarchy era is scattered. It spreads about 14 sq km, and there are 5 hills named Katha people, Valtra, Tehran, Bakrota and Baloom. It was built in the 19th century after the name of Lord Dalhousie, the British Governor General. The height of this town is approximately 525 meters to 2378 meters, and around it, there are various types of flora-pine, powdered, oak and floral-filled Rodo Dendron found in Delhauzi, the charming sub-investment is the era of architecture, which includes some beautiful cathedrals. It offers a panoramic view with the river Ravi that resembles a long silver line along with the panoramic views of the plains, which roams and goes down to Dalhousie. The snow-covered Dholadar mountain also looks clear from this town.

Best time to visit in Dalhousie

The month of March to June is the best time to visit this valley, but if someone wants to enjoy the winter of Himalayas, you can also come between December and February. Green grasslands, swift streams, never seen such flowers, and overall the whole view makes Kullu the paradise of earth.

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