Festival of India

Top 12 Most Popular Religious Festivals of India

Popular Religious Festivals of India

Festivals of India: If India is called a country of festivals, it will not be wrong. As many festivals are celebrated in this country, hardly they are celebrated in any other country. Here glimpses of unity are seen only on the occasions of festivals.


1. Diwali (Deepawali)

Diwali - Festival of India

Festivals of India | Diwali is a famous festival of Hindus. Diwali is also called ‘Deepawali‘. ‘Deepawali’ means ‘Garlands or Links of Deep’. Diwali is the festival of light. Almost all the houses and paths are illuminated by lamp and light in Diwali.

The main reason behind celebrating the festival of Diwali is that on this day, Lord Ram, after returning to Ayodhya after spending 14 years of exile with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman, returned. In his welcome, the celebration was celebrated by the people of Ayodhya. That is why it celebrates the ‘festival of light’. On Diwali, everyone celebrates and congratulates each other.

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2. Holi

Holi - Festival of India

This festivals is a festival of colors. In many festivals of India, if any festival is full of colorful and fun, then it is Holi. This festival is not only of colors but also of brotherhood and affection. Celebrate this festival with all love, glee, and enthusiasm. This festival is the festival of unity and union. This day is made of a wooden Holika and burn that. And in the morning celebrating the festival of colors by coloring each other with colorful colors.

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3. Eid-ul-Fitr (Eid)

Eid - Festival of India

Festivals of India | Eid-ul-Fitr‘ or ‘Eid’ is one of the largest festivals of Muslims. This festival is one of the most important religious festivals of Muslims around the world. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the world including India. The festival of Eid is celebrated after the holy month of Ramadan.

On the last day of the month of Ramadan, when the moon appears in the sky, Eid is celebrated on the second day. Preparations to celebrate the festival of Eid are already started. Children, young and old, all look excited. The crowd increases in the markets. Rich-poor all get busy buying new clothes, footwear, gifts, etc.

From the morning of Eid, children, young and old, wearing all kinds of special garments, sit on the head and begin depositing in Eid-Gah. All of the queue and pay special prayers. Similar scenes can be seen in all the major mosques of the country. All forget about mutual distinctions and greet each other and congratulate Eid Mubarak.

On the day of Eid, the house of the Muslims is made of “Sewai”. In addition, many types of dishes are also prepared. People go to the house of their relatives and congratulate them on Eid. Mosques are illuminated in the night.

Eid is a festival of mutual union and brother-in-law.

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4. Bakrid (Eid-al-Adha)

Bakrid- Festival of India

Festivals of India | Bakrid‘ is a famous festival of Muslims. It is also known by the name of ‘Eid-ul-Zuha’ or ‘Eid-al-Adha’. This is the festival of sacrifice. It is celebrated every year on the tenth day of the Muslim month Jul-Hijja.

It is believed that the Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim was commanded by “Allah” to sacrifice the sacrifice of his most beloved thing. His son was the most beloved for Hazrat. Before the sacrifice, they spoke to a son on this subject. Son is ready to sacrifice to own life. “Allah” was pleased to see the father and son’s devotion and gave life to the son of Hazrat. Since then, it is celebrated till date.

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5. Christmas

Christmas - Festival of India

Festivals of India | Christmas‘ is a famous festival of Christians. It is celebrated every year on 25th December in the whole world. The Christmas festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is the biggest and happy festival of Christians. It is also called ‘big day’.

On Christmas day homes are cleaned and Christian people decorate their homes well. New clothes are purchased. Christians make different types of dishes on Christmas Day. Home and market wake up with colorful lights.

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6. Dussehra (Vijay Dashmi)

dussehra - Festival of India

Dussehra is a famous festival of Hindus. On this day, Lord Rama had defeated Ravan and won. The truth was won on the unreal on this day. It is also called ‘Vijay Dashmi’. Ayodhya was celebrated in the celebration of victory over Lord Sri Ram in Lanka. From then on every year Ravan’s idols are burnt and made to be celebrated.

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7. Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)

Raksha Bandhan - Festival of India

Festivals of India | Raksha Bandhan‘ is a famous festival of Hindus. This is also called ‘Rakhi’ festival. It is celebrated with great joy in the whole of India. Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival but a symbol of our traditions. It has great importance in our country. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters build Rakhi on their brother’s wrist and shown their love for the brothers. The brothers give gifts to their sister on this occasion and promise to protect the sister.

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8. Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Durga Puja is the religious festival of India. It is celebrated by the Hindu people across the country with great pleasure. All people celebrate this worship in a very cultural and traditional way in many places in cities or villages.
People from some states like Odisha, Sikkim, West Bengal, and Tripura celebrate Durga Puja very much. People who live abroad, especially for the Durga Pooja bring holidays.

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9. Lohri

Lohri - Festival of India

Lohri is a famous festival of Punjabi people. It is celebrated in entire India especially in northern India in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Jammu State. Lohadi is celebrated on the last day of Paush, after sunset. In the open space at night in Lohri, families, and neighbors gather together in the open and sit beside the fire and make a siege.

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10. Pongal

Pongal - Festival of India

Festivals of India | Pongal‘ is one of the most popular and major festivals of South India, mainly Tamilnadu. The word Pongal has two meanings. The first is that the offerings which are offered to Sun God on this day are called Pongal. Secondly, another meaning of Pongal in the Tamil language emerges well to boil. Pongal is a harvest festival. This festival falls in the middle of January every year.

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11. Mahashivratri


Mahashivaratri‘ is a famous festival of Hindus. Lord Shiva is worshiped on the day of Shivratri. Devotees meditate Lord Shiva by fasting and offer water, milk, and flowers, etc. Shiva’s procession is taken out in the evening and all devotees shout with love and joy with glee.

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12. Good Friday

Good Friday - Festival of India

Good Friday‘ is a famous festival of Christians. It is generally celebrated on Friday, March 20, before 23 April, just before Easter Sunday. This is also called Holy Friday or Great Friday.

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