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Top 5 Best Tourist Places in Jammu & Kashmir | Jammu Kashmir Tourism

Best Tourist Places in Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir Tourism

Jammu and Kashmira

Jammu Kashmir is a state in the northern part of India. It is surrounded by India and the state of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the northeast in China and the south. In the west, it is surrounded by Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province and Punjab. This state has three major areas (Jammu Kashmir tourist place), the foothills of Jammu, the blue valleys of Kashmir and the lakes and the beautiful mountainous region of Ladakh.

The Jammu and Kashmir state has two capitals. The summer capital in Srinagar. And winter capital J remains. By the way, the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is the unique gift of natural beauty. But the Kashmir region is so famous for its beauty that it is said that if there is a heaven on earth then it is the same. The beautiful waterfalls of the snow covered the white sheet of white snow covered with sloping milk glacier peaks.

The colorful hunters and houseboats floating in beautiful lakes, give the pleasant garden lovers to come here, talking to the magnificence and fame of the Mughals. Jammu Kashmir is also known for its adventure activities like Skiing Trekking Fishing Winter Sports etc. The summer capital Srinagar is the main destination for Kashmir tour. And Kashmir is the largest city in the region.

Jammu and Kashmir

The city is situated at an elevation of 1730 meters above sea level. This city has its own main airport connected to all major airports in India. By the way, Jammu and Kashmir’s entire state itself is a Tourist Palace because of its natural beauty. But in this article, some of the famous Jammu and Kashmir tourists will know about the Palace.



How to Reach this Place 

Via Airway – At a distance of 14 km from the city is Srinagar International Airport that operates direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, and Jammu.

Via Railway The nearest railway station from Srinagar is Jammu Tawi Railway Station at a distance of 298 km. From here, one will get several modes of transport to reach Kashmir.

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Best Tourist Places in Jammu & Kashmir

1. Gulmarg


Located in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, Beautiful Hills station, Gulmarg is the favorite destination of the tourism Jammu Kashmir Tourism Palace. This famous tourist spot is situated at an altitude of about 2730 meters above sea level. Here, the green slopes attract visitors to themselves.

A large number of tourists arrive during the winter season. In this season the slopes are covered with snow-white sheets. Where tourists enjoy the enjoyment of skiing. This site is considered for a world-renowned resort for skiing. Skiing competitions are also organized here and all the facilities and trainers of skiing are also available.

2. Dal Lake

Dal Lake Shrinagar
Dal Lake

One of the most prominent places in the Jammu Kashmir tourist place in Srinagar and one of the most beloved places of tourists, Dal Lake has its own importance. The praise of its beauty is less as it is. Dul lake is spread over an area of approximately 17 km. Dal Lake is considered to be the second largest lake in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

This lake is surrounded by mountains in three directions. Its reservoirs are filled with water sources and other small lakes of the valley. The depth of the Dal Lake is about 6 meters. The four main reservoirs of this lake are Gagarin, Lookout Dal, Bod Dal, and Nagin.

The colorful mountains and houseboats floating in Dul Lake make it beautiful in its beauty. These hunting and houseboats have the proper arrangements for travelers to go and stay. Stay in the houseboat for a few days and enjoy the sightseeing of Lake Salani. Nehru Park, Kanutur Food, Four Chinais etc. Dipo and Hazratbail Visit can also be done on these hunts. Apart from this, shops are also hired on hunting, from which the tourists can also buy. Water sports can also be enjoyed in Dal Lake.


3. Shalimar Gardens

Shalimar Bagh
Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Gardens, situated 15 km from Srinagar, the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, holds the highest position. Shalimar Gardens is an important place in the Jammu Kashmir tourist place. It is also known as Phase Baksh, Garden of Char Minar and Farah Baksh. The velvet grasslands of various types of flowers, flowers, and plants carved beautiful fountains make it beautiful in its beauty.

This garden was built by Mughal emperor Jahangir in 1619 AD for his Begum Noor Jahan. Shalimar Gardens has divided three stair squares for various purposes. Bahari garden is called Diwan-i-Aym. That was for the common people. The middle part is called the Dewan-e-Khas or the Emperor’s garden.

This part was for the emperor and the cabinet. The third and the upper part was reserved for the royal women. This part was used only by the royal women and no one else was allowed to go here. A canal flows through the cheeky stones in the middle of the garden. Whose decoration is worth seeing. Here the light of the oil is illuminated in the night. This light has a special effect on the water of the canal, causing the canal water to shine in many colors.

4. Sonmarg


Sonamarg hill station located in the Gandharb district of Jammu and Kashmir region. Its height is 2730 meters above sea level. Sonamarg is located on the highway going to Leh (Ladakh), 67 kilometers northeast of Srinagar. Going from Sonamarg, going 9 km further on the same route, Jozila Pass falls. Which is an important link between Kashmir and Ladakh. Sonargaon is situated in a river named Sind.

This river is different from river Indhu. Sonamarg is known for its all-around activities. The lovers can enjoy trekking or walking for a long trip here. All major trekking routes start from Sonmarg only. Apart from this, tourists can also visit nearby tourist spots like Gadhsa, Krishnasar, Satsar, Gangabal, Glacier, Nilagarh, Satsaran Pass, etc. and visit the famous places.

5. Pahalgam


Located on the mouth of Lidder river and Sheshnag lake in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir State, Pahalgam Jammu Kashmir Tourist Palace is known for its beauty in the Jammu Kashmir tourist place. The snow-covered peaks sang the sweet song around and the beautiful green rhythm and the melodious musical rhythm in it, the treacherous river Brahbar just takes the pleasure of the tourists.

Pahalgam is situated at an elevation of about 2130 meters above sea level. Pahalgam is also known as the gateway to the famous Amarnath Yatra. Chandan Wadi is 16 km from here. From where Amarnath Yatra begins Pahalgam sports lover is the perfect place for tourists.

Here salon horse riding golf fishing can take advantage of. Apart from this, tourists can also enjoy temples like Mamleshwar Shiv Temple, Vesaran, Lulian Lake, Overea Wildlife Sanctuary, Morted Temple, Aru Achwal, etc.

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