Manali Tourism (2019) | Top 6 Manali Best Tourist Places

Manali Best Tourist Places

Manali Tourism

Manali is a part of the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh which is 250 km from Himachal Pradesh’s capital Shimla. Is located at a distance. This place is the first choice of tourists and is such a hill station where tourists are the most visited. Located on the height of 2050 meters above sea level, Manali is situated on the banks of the river Vyas. In winter, the temperature of Manali reaches below 0 °. In Manali, you can enjoy beautiful scenery besides hiking, paragliding, rafting, trekking, kayaking etc. This place is Famous as the honeymoon destination.

Manali Best Tourist Places

Manali is located near the tip of the valley on the National Highway towards Leh, only 40 km away from Kullu. Manali is a famous hill station in India. Aromatic winds flowing through Manali’s wildflowers and apple gardens filled the heart with freshness. First of all the snow-covered hills, the clear water diameter is visible. On the other hand, cedar and pine trees, small farms and fruit gardens appear.


How To Reach Manali

Via Air: There is a nearby airport in Bhuntar, 50 kilometers from Manali. To reach Manali, you can take a bus or taxi services from here.

Via Railway: Joginder Nagar Narrow Gauge railway station is the nearest railway station of Manali, which is 135 kilometers from Manali. Chandigarh is a broad gauge railway station, 310 kilometers away from Manali.

Via Road: Manali is connected by road to Himachal and surrounding cities. Buses of State Transport Corporation are celebrated from many cities.


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Top 6 Manali Best Tourist Places

1. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass

Manali Tourist Places | Rohtang Pass is the world’s tallest road, where millions of tourists come to visit this lough mountain every year. This pass is situated at an elevation of 4111 meters from sea level, from which there is a spectacular view of Manali. The distance from Manali to 51 km is. From here, there is a great view of hills, beautiful scenery land and glacier. In addition to all these tourist attractions, tourist trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, and skiing can also be done.

 2. Manu Temple

Manu Temple - Manali
Manu Temple

Manu was the first man in the world according to Hindu religion. First Manu’s name was Swabhuva Manu, with whom the first woman was Shatarupa This is because it is manifested by Brahma (meaning ‘Brahma’) itself as Self-self. All the people of the world were born from the first men and women of the first woman. Being Manu’s son, they are called humans or humans. The temple of this temple is situated on the banks of the Vyas river in the old Manali region. The distance from this temple to the main market is 3 km. is. It is said that Manu had spent 7 chakras of his life in this area, 7 births and 7 deaths in this area.


3. Solang Valley

Solang Valley - Manali
Solang Valley

Manali Tourist Places | Located in the Manali valley of Himachal Pradesh, Solang Nala is a place which offers an invitation to tourists, adventurous adventure enthusiasts, exciting sports lovers, and film personalities to visit again and again. The Solang Valley is a famous and nomadic tourist destination of Manali.

Located at an altitude of 300 meters, the valley extends to the tourist interest. This valley is also known as Snow Point. This diameter lies in the middle of the Kund and the Solang Valley. During winter, tourists participate in skiing competition organized here. This competition is organized in the name of Winter Skiing Festival during winter. Tourists can enjoy touring, paragliding, jarring and horseback riding. There is also a temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is situated on the top of the hill, in which thousands of tourists come and visit the year.

4.Naggar Castle

Naggar Castle - Manali
Naggar Castle

Naggar Castle is an ancient royal fort, which is approximately 500 years old. Famous among tourists this place is only 21 km from Manali Is located at a distance. This medieval fort was built by Raja Siddha Singh of Kullu about 1460 AD. This fort stands on the banks of the river Vyas. There are other attractions and sights to see in this fort complex such as temple, art gallery etc. The song of the Bollywood movie Jab We Met was filmed in this fort.


5. Hadimba Devi Temple

Hadimba Devi Temple - Manali
Hadimba Devi Temple

Manali Tourist Places | One of the main attractions of Manali is the Hidimba Devi Temple, the ancient temple. This temple is also known as Dhungari Temple. Which is dedicated to the local goddess Hidimba here. Hadimba, the hawm was the sister of God. Built-in pagoda style, this wooden temple was built by Maharaj Bahadur Singh, whose name is also mentioned on the entrance to the temple. This temple is the most famous place in Manali.

This temple was constructed in 1553 AD in a stone. The stone was cut in such a way that it came to be cave. Visitors can visit this stone and can perform special pooja. It is said that after the construction of this temple, the king cut the hands of artisans who built the temple so that they could not build such a temple somewhere.

6. Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake - Manali
Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake has religious significance in Hinduism. This lake is situated on the banks of river Himalaya, which is known as the name of Rishi Bhrigu. Rishi Bhrigu is one of the seven rishis to be considered in Hinduism. According to local people, Rishi Bhrigu meditated on the side of this lake. It is also said about this place that in this place, Rishi Bhrigu wrote Bhrugu Samitha, the Samity can get information about the past, future and the present or can say that the impression can be imposed. Near the same Nehru Kund is also located which is the center of attraction for tourists. This cistern is a natural waterfall which was worshiped by Rishi Bhrigu.

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