Munnar Tourism

Munnar Tourism for Honeymoon | Beauty of Hills

Munnar Tourism for Honeymoon

 Munnar Tourism

Munnar Tourism


Munnar Tourism | The state of India is known throughout the world for its beautiful tourist spots in Kerala. Located in Idukki district of the state of Kerala and in the popular hill stations of South India, Munnar has a unique elegance and identity. This idyllic hill station Munnar, on the banks of three rivers, Madirapuzha, Nalathani, and Kudali on the banks of the Idukki district of Kerala are so charming and beautiful that the tourists themselves come in a ditch.

The height above the sea level of Munnar is about 1600 meters. Munnar is also famous for its green tea plantations. Keeping your mind on the threshold of Munnar, you will enjoy your beautiful and dense tea garden. You will also find many waterfalls in Munnar. In Munnar, you can also find a spectacular view of the highest peak Anamudi in south India which is located at a height of 8841 feet. You can also find it in this pleasant place. Very few people know that the favorite hill station of South India is also famous for the flowers of Munnar Neel Kurigi.

The specialty of this flower is that it blooms once in 12 years. Last time these flowers were bloomed in August – September 2006. The blue aura of these blue flowers painted the slopes of Munnar, the hillside and the valley in its color. Many poets of South Indian have also written many poems in the beauty of these flowers. Now this flower will flower in the next year 2018 and once again 12 years later this valley will be colored in blue color.

When to go visit Munnar Tourism For Honeymoon

Munnar Tourism


The time from September to May after the monsoon is suitable for coming here. Due to the dirt, pollution and Bhagam part of the meadow area, bathing in the milk cover, Munnar’s laws, hills, and Munnar are easily accessible by the attraction of every visitor to the spot. The weather of Munnar remains cold throughout the year. Even in summer, the temperature does not rise above 20 degrees. As the height increases, the cold increases. So we would like to advise our readers that whenever you visit Munnar, do not forget to wear woolen clothes with you. In winter, the temperature here falls to 2-4 degrees.

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Munnar Tourism Place

Though Munnar is a beautiful place in its own right, yet Munnar has many such scenes and pleasant tours in the scenic spot, in which it is important to tell your readers.


Tea Plant And Museum

Munnar - Tea Planet and Museum

The tea plantation of Munnar is spread over thousands of hectares. Here are 26 factories of the world’s largest tea company “Tata Tea Company”. If you are making a program of Munnar Travel then you must visit the tea factory. Here you can see the freshly selected tea leaves turning into teas in the tea. Do not forget to taste tea chiscea here. You can get permission from Tata Tea Regional Office to move to a Tata Tea factory. If there is interest in your tea, then there will definitely be a tea museum built here. Which is a unique museum of its kind in the world. In this, you can see in the past the use of tea processing equipment, machines, etc. That is, both present and past of tea can be seen in Munnar.

Devi Kulam

Devi Kulam Munnar

This place is located 7 kilometers from Munnar. Devikulam is a small hill station where you can see rare trees and beasts. There is also a Sita Devi Lake on which it is believed that Sita Ji had ploughed in this lake. Therefore it is considered sacred. There is also a temple of Sita Ji near the lake. This lake is inside a T State of Tata Tea Company. Therefore, permission has to be obtained from the Tata Tea office to come here.


Medupatti dam

Mudupatti Dam Munnar

This place is a very beautiful picnic spot in Munnar scenic spot. After watching the top station, the lovers rue in the pleasant atmosphere of this place. The tourists can also enjoy boating at this place. Here, there is the Kundal Bagan and the lake as far as the tourists can go on doing the trekking.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park

This park, famous for its famous place in Munnar, is known for the world-famous Eucalyptus Tahr (wild goat). The species of Nilgiri Tahr Bakery had reached the edge of extinction in the ’50s. The species of these wild goats is donated by this National Park. Wildlife lovers have gazed at the hill slopes of this sanctuary for hours to see them. Passing through the circular route of this National Park located at a height of about 7,000 feet above the sea level, you get an opportunity to watch wildlife closely together, along with the wonderful views of nature. Those whom you can not forget for years


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