Top 6 Amazing Places to Visit in China 2019 | China Tourism

Top 6 Amazing Places to Visit in China 2019 | China Tourism

China Tourism

Places to Visit in China, China, the world’s most populous country, is surrounded by natural and cultural attractions. China’s history is thousands of years old and the special thing is that 47 of China’s tourist sites are included in World Heritage Sites. Not surprisingly, tourists visiting China are the first to visit popular tourist destinations. China is one of the brightest, vibrant, colorful and life-sustaining countries in the world.

China Nature

Best Time to Visit in China

If you are planning to travel to China, then you should first know China’s weather and climate and the best time to travel. China and India are both of the normal monsoon climates, but dry and dry weather in China is the longest. Typically tourists are advised to visit China between April and November. Autumn is from September to October which is considered to be the best time to visit China because it is the most beautiful weather in China during this period. Between December and February, tourism in China is off-peak season because as the crowd of tourist decreases and the cost of the hotels and flights are low. You can also visit China in this season if you wish.

6 Amazing Places to Visit in China

1. Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Places to Visit in China, China’s Great Wall is the longest wall in the world. It is one of China’s most iconic symbols and is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as in the new Seven Wonders Of The World. Its architecture extends over more than 5,000 steep hills, which provide a unique view to China.

2. Beijing’s Forbidden City in China

Beijing's Forbidden City
Beijing’s Forbidden City

In the olden times, this forbidden city was for the elite only and the entry of the common people was forbidden here. Famous by the name “The Palace Museum”, Forbidden City was the royal palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties for 560 years until 1911. Beijing’s Forbidden City is a grand exhibition of Chinese architecture, which has more than 8,000 rooms and golden roofs. It was also home to 24 emperors.

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3.Yellow Mountains in China

Yellow Mountain China
Yellow Mountain China

Places to Visit in China, Located in eastern China, close to Shanghai and Hangzhou, Yellow Mountain is one of China’s best three national parks. This is the most painted and shaded mountain in China due to its odd size rocks, odd pine trees, a sea of clouds, and hot springs. It is said that the supernatural ancestor of China, the Yellow Emperor, live there. In the 1990s, UNESCO included Yellow Mountain in the list of World Heritage.

4. The Temple of Heaven in China

Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven

The temple of heaven is a symbol of the relationship between the earth and the heavens, that is the world of the world and the human world, which is located in the center of the Chinese universe (Cosmogony). It was the rule of the feudal dynasties for two thousand years on China, that is the reason that the rule of kings of all blacks on the walls of the temple was depicted through design.


5. Summer Palace of Beijing in China

Summer Palace of Beijing
Summer Palace of Beijing

Places to Visit in China, The Summer Palace of Beijing was originally built in 1750 but was destroyed during the war in 1860. In 1886, the palace was restored to its original structure. Summer Palace is a magnificent garden of Chinese landscape. There are also man-made palaces, temples, pavilions, and bridges with hills and lakes.

6. Guilin’s Li River in China

Guilin's Li River
Guilin’s Li River

We often see the beautiful landscape of this river in the finest Chinese paintings. This river makes its way between hills, steep cliffs, and farming villages, and it is surrounded by bamboo trees. The most beautiful part of the river lies between Guilin and Yangshu, which extends to some 83 kilometers.


How To Reach China

China’s main airport is Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Kunming where there are direct flights from India. Currently, Air India, Aeroflot, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways, etc. from Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata operate connecting flights from China to China. You can reach different airlines in China from these airlines. After reaching the airport, you can reach your destination in China by bullet train, metro or taxi.


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