Top 7 Amazing Places to Visit in Dalhousie

Dalhousie Tourism

Places to Visit in Dalhousie | Dalhousie, a beautiful mountainous hill station in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, is situated on five hills. Named after the Dalhousie Earl, in India, it was for the soldiers and officers of the British Empire to return in the summer. There are some bungalows and churches here displaying the magnificent Scottish and Victorian architecture. The ancient art, temple, culture, and handicrafts have been preserved here by the single dynasty that lasted the middle of the 6th century.

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Best Time to Visit in Dalhousie:  

Summer, May to September


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Top 7 Places to Visit in Dalhousie

1. SachPass in Dalhousie

Sach Pass - Dalhousie
Sach Pass

This route connects Dalhousie to Chamba and Pangi valleys. Located on an altitude of 4500 meters, this mountain route runs on Pir-Panjal mountain range and is the smallest route to go from Chamba to Koller. Adventurers and adventurers often travel by motor on this road to increase their level of difficulty. This is covered by snow in winter and creates a majestic and beautiful scene.

2. Chamera Lake in Dalhousie

Chamera Lake - Dalhousie
Chamera Lake

Places to Visit in Dalhousie | Chamera Lake, located at an altitude of 763 meters above sea level, is a wonderful place to see sailing, fishing, and sir. The atmosphere here makes it a popular tourist destination for a year. ChameraLake is 34 km away from the city.

3. Ganji Pahari in Dalhousie

Ganji Pahari
Ganji Pahari

Located on Pathankot Road, this one is a beautiful hill. Because of the absence of any kind of vegetation on this hill, its name was called Ganji Pahari. It is a beautiful picnic spot for summer and is covered with snow in winter. The sunrise and sunset in the haze provide a wonderful sight to this place.

4. St. John Church in Dalhousie

St. John Church - Dalhousie
St. John Church

It is the oldest church in the city which was built during the British Empire in India. This structure made of brick and wood looks very attractive with a beautiful background. Tourists visit here five days a week and anyone can go to the library near the church.

5. Panchpula in Dalhousie

Panchpula - Dalhousie

Places to Visit in Dalhousie | Panchpula is a waterfall where five streams emerge. This area is covered with fresh pine and pine trees and creates a modest trekking site. A small tomb in memory of Sardar Ajit Singh (Uncle of Shaheed Bhagat Singh) has also been made here. During the monsoon, the water jumps with all its power and creates a beautiful site.

6. Dainkund Peak in Dalhousie

Dainkund - Dalhousie

Located at an elevation of 2755 meters above sea level, this small valley can be seen in the 360-degree view. Due to the sound of the wind passing through this tree, it is called Singing Hill due to the music tune.

7. Gandhi Chowk in Dalhousie

Gandhi Chowk
Gandhi Chowk

Places to Visit in Dalhousie | Dalhousie’s main shopping center is the Gandhi Chowk, where tourists can buy various arts, crafts, jewelry, trinkets, rugs and more. This place is like relaxing here with a cup of tea like locals and is intrigued with bistros to enjoy.


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