Mount Abu

Top 8 Amazing Places to Visit in Mount Abu 2019

Top 8 Amazing Places to Visit in Mount Abu 2019


Mount Abu

In India, many of Hill stations are available but in Rajasthan, only one Hill stations are available that is Mount Abu. 185 km from Udaipur, which is known as the city of lakes, is present between the green hills, the only hill station of Rajasthan Mount Abu. The cool and pleasant weather of this mountainous region enjoys the tourists from far away. Mount Abu has not only been from today but has been fascinated by the people long ago even when the people of Kings or Kings Family used to become desperate due to the tremendous heat of Rajasthan, their first choice was Mount Abu. Situated on the high hills of Aravalli, this hill station has become the favorite tourist destination of the country, due to its cold weather and the green pond of the spreading pond on all sides.

8 Places to Visit in Mount Abu

Sunset point in Mount Abu

Sunset Point Mount Abu
Sunset Point

Sunset Point | It cannot be a good place in Rajasthan to see the sunset spectacular. The colors of the rising sun are painted in color and it colors the mountains of Aravalli in color. And where the sun sinking looks like a ball, it seems as if the sun falls from the sky and is going to be in the air. Thousands of people reach the sunset point of the evening every day to see this beautiful sight.

Honeymoon point in Mount Abu

Honeymoon Point Mount Abu
Honeymoon Point

Honeymoon Point | This place is about 2 km away from the Sunset Point when you reach here, you will automatically find that this place is called honeymoon point. The poor and green fields of this place are so beautiful that anyone has a sense of humor because this is the reason why couples do not like to move from here even after seeing this wonderful sight of the valley. And when they sit there, they do not know when the hours pass.

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Guru Shikhar in Mount Abu

Guru Shikhar - Mount Abu
Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar | This is the highest peak of the Aravalli mountain. Guru Shikhar is about 1722 meters above sea level, standing at the top of the mountain, when we see the low and nearby views, it seems as if we have come to some other world where everything is full of beauty and greenery.


Gauhmak temple in Mount Abu

Gaumukh Temple - Mount Abu
Gaumukh Temple

Places to visit in Mount Abu | A temple of Hanuman Ji is located about 2.5 kilometers south of Mount Abu from the main market, where we will get about 700 steps stairs from this temple, we will get the beautiful Ashram of Vasishtha and you will see this filled with a surprise. The view given is that the water keeps flowing with a Gaumukh made of stone. That is why this place is called Gaumukh.


Nakki Lake in Mount Abu

Nakki Lake - Mount Abu
Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is situated at a height of 3,737 feet in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Nakki Lake which is spread over a radius of about 2.5 kilometers. Surrounded by tall high hills, green plaintiffs and long tall trees of date, if you see this lake, it seems as if it is not true, we are seeing some beautiful picture, while enjoying boating tourists in this lake. Will be visible. This beautiful Nakki Lake has four moons in the beauty of Mount Abu. That is why this place has now become the first choice of Mount Abu tourists.

Toad Rock in Mount Abu

Toad Rock
Toad Rock

Places to Visit in Mount Abu | Toad Rock is a rock that is situated on the lake only from a distance of Nakki lake. The particular thing about this rock is that it looks like a frog in view and due to its unique shape, the rock attracts the attention of the tourists.


Achleshwar Mahadev Temple

achaleshwar mahadev temple - mount abu
Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple

Places to visit in Mount Abu | There is a famous temple of Achelswar Mahadev in Achalgarh, about 8 kilometers away from Dev Bada, here is the sign of the thumb of Lord Shiva, which is worshiped. The temple here is also a huge Nandi made of brass and a huge trident is present here in this temple.


Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

About 228 sq. Km area in Mount Abu was declared as Wildlife Sanctuary by the government here. Here, in this Sanctuary, you will get to see many species of paddy plants, and you will also be able to see the birds coming out of the wildlife and distant lands. There is also a watch tower, you can climb uphill and see the beautiful place here and the animals living in them can easily see.

How to Reach Mount Abu

Via Airways: The nearest airport to Mount Abu is Udayapur Airport, which is approximately 185 km from Mount Abu and the Ahmedabad Airport is 235 kilometers away, while Jodhpur Airport is 268 kilometers away.


Via Railways: Abu Road is the nearest railway station of Mount Abu, which is just 28 kilometers away.


Via Roadways:  If you want to come to Mount Abu by road, then the nearest city, Udaipur, can reach Mount Abu, just 185 km. Away from Udaipur and via Gogunda, Jaswant Garh, Pidwada.


Best Time to visit in Mount Abu

By the way, it can come throughout the year, but often people come here in the summer. Here the weather is cool every evening of the year and even during the night.


Where is Staying in Mount Abu 

In Mount Abu, various types are Hotels like 1 star to 5-star hotels are available. You can Book Hotels in and save your money.

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