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Amazing Things to do in St. Petersburg – St. Petersburg Travel Blog

Amazing Things to do in St. Petersburg – St. Petersburg Travel Blog


Things to do in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a special identity of the city. A very beautiful city founded by Peter the Great The St. Petersburg city was the Imperial (Royal) capital of Russia.

St. Petersburg city is a cultural center due to the Imperial capital of Russia and is full of Russia’s cultural attractions. Along with the culture, there are many parks, restaurants, cafes, and nightlife is not too bad.

Take a walk in Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg Walking Street
St. Petersburg Walking Street

Best things to do in St. Petersburg is Walking, Joseph Brodsky wrote that ‘every single person born in St. Petersburg in the days of his youth walks at least as much as he could have a good bedowin’. His saying did not mean that there is a lack of vehicles in St. Petersburg or walking in public transport is very expensive, but that’s St. Petersburg is so beautiful that the real pleasure of seeing it is only when you see it walking on foot.

You can start walking in St. Petersburg in many ways. You can start your hiking journey from the magnificent St. Isaac Cathedral. You can also choose a theme for your tour, such as if your choice is literary, then you can walk downtown area following the footsteps of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

The State Hermitage Museum

State Hermitage Museum
State Hermitage Museum

At the time of its establishment, so much happened in Saint Petersburg. The impressive history of this city is still present today. Russia, Saint Petersburg and the best cultural heritage of the world is the best way to visit the ‘The State Hermitage Museum‘.

There are about four hundred rooms in ‘The State Hermitage Museum’ which is spread over three floors and five different buildings. When you go here, it will be impossible for you to see everything in your limited time.


The Dead Poets Bar

Dead Poets Bar St. Petersburg
Dead Poets Bar

The Dead Poets Bar is a famous bar in the city, where you can taste more than 80 different veggies of whiskey. It is brought from many countries of the world for those who are interested in drinking. The food here is also wonderful and sometimes there are cultural events. Perhaps you would like to take a look at Russia’s vodka, after all, when you have heard vodka, you must have heard the name of Russia too.

Must Visit Church

St. Isaac Cathedral Church
St. Isaac Cathedral Church

St. Isaac Cathedral is not only a magnificent building, but you can climb up the church and take a beautiful view of St. Petersburg city.

Going to church, cathedral, park, and museum is a common thing for all tourists and it is also important that you can do something different and new. If you want to do something different in St. Petersburg, you can go to the Russian Vodka Museum, you might want to look at the place where Rasputin was murdered or you want to visit the museum which is dedicated to cleanliness (museum of hygiene).


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