Things to do in Switzerland

Top 5 Amazing Things To Do In Switzerland for Honeymoon Trip 2019

Top 5 Amazing Things To Do In Switzerland For Honeymoon Trip 2019

Switzerland | Land of DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge), The most famous Bollywood movie DDLJ shoot in Switzerland 1995 Since then, Indian has got so much interest in Switzerland that the number of Indian tourist traffic has increased in Switzerland. Switzerland is the world most beautiful tourist destination and many of these things to do in Switzerland like you enjoy the nature of beauty in Switzerland. Most people go to Switzerland for its natural beauty.  And the best part is Switzerland is Heaven for a couple like a Honeymoon Trip.


1. Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis Switzerland

Things to do in Switzerland | Mount Titlis  This is the second highest mountain peak in the Swiss Alps, the main thing is that here you go from the world’s first roaming gondola. To take the Gondola to Mount Titles, you have to go to Engelberg Town, which is the base town of Mount Titlis, and this is the Lucerne. Lucerne or Zurich | Located on some distance from Zurich, during the ride on the Gondola, you get a 360D view of the litigants here, which is about to make a mantra. Apart from this, there is a viewpoint above Mount Tittle’s where you can play in the snow.

At the restaurant above Mount Tittle’s, you get easy access to Indian food too. This whole exercise requires about half-a-day time.


2. Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch Switzerland

Things to do in Switzerland | Jungfraujoch Interlaken Close to Interlaken Town, Interlaken is located at a distance of about 1 hour from Zurich city. You can go to the Lower Bottom with your Swiss Railway Pass, from there you have to take a separate train, which takes you to the smallest of Jungfraujoch.

Jungfraujoch is the tallest of the Swiss Alps, going all the way up and up, you see the phenomenal natural beauty. This is a very important issue, without the visit to your Switzerland incomplete.


3. Zurich City Tour

Zurich City Switzerland

Zurich is a very trendy city. Here Bahnhofstrasse street is the cornerstone of the country’s fashion and your visit here is very important. The Zurich city is also famous for its Zurich Lake and shopping.


4. Rhine Falls, Schaffhausen

Rhine Falls, Schaffhausen Switzerland

Rhine Falls This waterfall or waterfall of the Rhine river is very rough. It is located in Schaffhausen Schaffhausen. The city of Schaffhausen Zurich is just 1 hour away, you can easily reach Schaffhausen with the help of a train and tram from Zurich city. For this, you have to have a half day time.


5. Lake Lucerne Cruise

Lake Lucerne Cruise Switzerland

The Lucerne is a very beautiful town, though here you should stay here, if for some reason you are living in another city then it is important to give a day to Lucerne. This town has great shopping, Lion Monument and the timber made by Chapel Bridge is the best hotel here, there is also a casino, but the beauty of Lake Lake is unmatched.

About 1-hour cruise on this lake is a very special feeling, definitely do it. If you have taken Swiss railway closer then this cruise is absolutely free for you.


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