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Best Shillong Tourist Places

Shillong Tourism


Meghalaya is a small and beautiful mountain state of India. The beautiful capital of this beautiful state is Shillong. Shillong has its own separate location in hill stations of northeastern India.

Shillong tourist Places, The tourist sites of Shillong entice its natural environment, scenic views, mountain ranges, cold waterfalls, green valleys, scenic fields, and traditional culture salons. And why not? Why Shillong is the capital of a beautiful state in which beauty dwells in its name. Yes, friends! Meghalaya – Cloud house, which literally means “House of Clouds”. The beauty of the beauty of this state is seen in it, there is much beauty in this state.

History of Meghalaya

Dear readers, before going on to Shillong, some of them know about the history and history of Meghalaya. Meghalaya is a mixed form of a mountain, forest and paddy land. Meghalaya, a mixture of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo Pahado, is a boon for the health of the climate. Around 1765, this area of Assam had the right of the British.

This place was very much appreciated by the British during its rule. That’s why the English used to call it East of Scotland as well. Even after India’s independence, this region was under Assam State.


In 1954, the residents of this region raised the demand for a separate state, which the State Reorganization Commission rejected. After this, the people of here formed the “All Party Hills Leaders” with the aim of keeping them in a peaceful manner.

In September 1968, the Government of India granted Meghalaya the status of autonomous state while living in Assam state. After this, the state of Meghalaya was established on 21 January 1972 as a separate state.

People of this are of a friendly nature. People here love flowers and are always immersed in dance songs. People here are mostly Masnabhari.

5 Best Shillong Tourist Places

Knowing the history of Meghalaya, we will now know about the tourist spots of Shillong along with other tourist spots in Meghalaya and will visit them.


1. Waders lake

Ward's Lake Shillong

This beautiful picnic spot is located in the heart of Shillong city. This lake is the most important site in the tourist spots of Shillong. You can also enjoy boating at this lake. Nearby is the Botanical Garden which is the center of attraction for those interested in paved plants.

2. Waterfalls of Shillong

Waterfalls of Shillong
Waterfalls of Shillong

There are several waterfalls in Shilang, which is the main one in the Margret Fall, Bishop Fall, Spread Eagle Fall, Sweet Fall, Elephant Fall, etc. The natural beauty of these waterfalls and bathing in the cold water of the waterfalls is its own pleasure.


3. Shillong Peak

Shillong Peak
Shillong Peak

Situated at a distance of 10 kilometers from Shillong, this peak can be enjoyed by the panoramic view of the whole city of Shillong. This is a viewpoint

4. Lady Hedary park

Lady Haydri Park - Shillong
Lady Haydri Park

There is also a small zoo along with many types of flowers. There is a variety of swings like this for the children’s entertainment. Due to this, the kids enjoy this park very well. This park attracts the Kronolin waterfall and a pond tourist from a distance.


5. Shillong Museum

Shillong Museum
Shillong Museum

In this large museum, you can visit Meghalaya’s art, culture, royalty related jewelry, garments, and arms. It also has a considerable contribution to Shillong’s tourist destination

Other tourist destinations in Meghalaya

Two National Parks full of flowers and flowers in Meghalaya- Nokrek and Balpakaram and two Wild Life Centuries complete with vegetation and vitality – Nangkhilam and Siuju are the favorite places of tourism. Apart from this, there are many caves for adventure lovers like Jesse – Cesu caves, There are many caves like Caves, Kram Maumluh Cave. Apart from this, along with many small waterfalls, tourists can also visit Cherrapunji, the world’s largest rainforest, which is a pleasant place.


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